Clear and well-written text communicates effectively. It reflects a thorough understanding of the subject, gives the impression that careful thought has gone into what is said, and inspires confidence in a reader. Correct spelling and grammar are crucial to the credibility of a book, article, or website, and mistakes in a text can undermine trust dramatically.

Why you need an editor

Many people find it difficult to express themselves well in writing. As an editor, I can help you to say what you mean clearly and coherently. Most of us would hesitate to tackle wiring or plumbing tasks in the home ourselves, even with the help of YouTube tutorials, and would prefer to employ a professional electrician or plumber for such specialized work. Think of an editor as a text engineer who can help you use words to get your message across.

Even if you are an experienced writer, your closeness to the work can make it difficult for you to see problems. A fresh pair of eyes can spot mistakes and inconsistencies, and identify potential improvements, much more quickly and easily.

I offer copyediting, proofreading, web editing and proofing, and transcription services. I can also rewrite and repurpose or restyle any document for print or online circulation. I have over 30 years of freelance editorial experience with academic and ‘popular’ books, reference works, catalogues, journals, reports, websites, and many other kinds of publications.

What is well conceived can be expressed clearly and the words to say it flow with ease.

Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux​